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Environmental Policy

Aqua Portimão is a cheerful, contemporary and well-organized shopping center which aims to provide customers with innovative solutions, working to meet their needs and ensure that customers and visitors have a unique experience.

With this goal, Aqua Portimão is committed to:
 - Effective waste management;
 - Encouraging the integration of environmental issues into business decisions;
 - Identifying environmental elements and impacts when evaluating new projects, products and processes;
 - Establishing environmental targets, seeking to prevent or reduce pollution through reducing waste, introducing recycling programmes and disposing of waste appropriately;
 - Promoting efficient and appropriate use of energy, water and other natural resources through the use of more efficient technology and continuous improvement plans;
 - Complying with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements and adopting models for responsible behaviour where legislation is absent or incomplete;
 -Ensuring that internal employees are briefed about the environment and keeping our partners informed about environmental issues, encouraging them to protect the environment;
 - Providing and maintaining a harmonious relationship with the neighbourhood and local community and collaborating with public and private entities in activities aimed at improving the environmental performance of the Shopping Center;
 - Promoting strategies for the protection of nature and the appreciation of culture;
 - Ensuring that suitable environmental information mechanisms are in place and that the Environmental Policy is documented, implemented, maintained and communicated to all stakeholders.

Aqua Portimão Shopping Center has a certification in environmental management within the scope of the environmental policy that it has developed and implemented as part of its social responsibility programme.
Aqua Portimão aims to provide customers with a better level of quality and safety during their time on the premises. It also aims to create, together with employees and clients, a greater level of awareness of the impact that environmental measures can have on the environment.

It adheres to the ISO 14001:2004 standard in environmental management, granted by Bureau Veritas, the world leader in assessing compliance and certification. This is an internationally recognized standard which establishes measures to be taken in order to establish an effective Environmental Management System. The standard was developed with the goal of striking a balance between maintaining profitability and reducing impact on the environment. It involves the commitment of the entire company.


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