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The Aqua Portimão website is owned by KLEPIERRE MANAGEMENT PORTUGAL, S.A. and by Condomínio Aqua Portimão. Ownership of the site includes text, images, sounds and the intellectual property of all of the present contents. The contents of business partners, associated brands and advertisers are excluded. However, these are covered by the same policies of use and are forbidden from being used for different purposes than those which have been explicitly authorised. All rights of the Aqua Portimão website are absolutely reserved. No part of the website can - for any reason - be reproduced in any form or by any mechanical, electronic or other means, including recording, printing and photocopying of printed pages or any other form of storing information, unless express written permission is given by KLEPIERRE MANAGEMENT PORTUGAL, S.A. This permission can be sought by sending an email to aqua.portimã or a fax to 351 214 250 918. Users are authorized to make use of the contents of the site for personal consultation purposes only and are prohibited from reproducing, sharing, publishing, distributing or otherwise making the contents accessible to third parties, for any purpose, in particular public marketing or communication, or by making the contents available via other sites, online services, forums, on paper or in any other format.

Use of Brand Names

This website includes some terms that are either registered as trademarks or in the process of being registered as trademarks or business names, or are the copyright of their respective owners. These names are used on the site with the sole purpose of identifying the products and services in question, for their own benefit and for that of Aqua Portimão.


This site has been designed and produced in such a way as to avoid damaging the computer/telecommunication/other system used to access it. We stress, however, that within the applicable legal limits we cannot offer any guarantees about the site’s correct operation. Content may also include inaccurate, incorrect or out-of-date information. The contents of this site may also include typos or other types of errors. We recommend that you verify the information contained within the website. Any responsibility for the consequences of accessing this website are the sole responsibility of the user. In particular, if the system breaks down in any way as a result of accessing the site, all costs associated with its repair and all other costs relating to any incident arising from use of the website are also the sole responsibility of the user and will be covered by the user alone.
Aqua Portimão does not assume any responsibility for information, services or other contents found in pages that are external to this present site, even if hyperlinks to these sites are provided.

Data Protection Policy

Some of the pages of the Aqua Portimão website contain forms which are either voluntary or obligatory (for sending to Aqua Portimão). These data can include, among others, name, gender, address, age, email address, mobile phone number, date of birth, age and personal preferences, where applicable.
The actual information provided through sending the aforementioned forms can be used by Aqua Portimão for sending (by email, traditional mail, SMS, fax and any other means) information and advertising content about the range of products and services available at the shopping center or about the range of products and services available at stores within the shopping centre. This correspondence will only be organized and sent by Aqua Portimão.
The personal data that you provide us with through sending the form will not be made available to the general public, to the store owners of Aqua Portimão or to any company outside of the KLEPIERRE MANAGEMENT PORTUGAL, S.A. Group.
If you have a login and password for the site, you should not share these with other people, in order to protect your own security. If you do share your login details, Aqua Portimão will hold you responsible for any damages arising from the misuse of your password, including all court fees, expert fees and administrative procedures performed or subcontracted by KLEPIERRE MANAGEMENT PORTUGAL, S.A. or the Condomínio do Edifício Aqua Portimão, in claims or lawsuits related to their misuse or in administrative and corrective processes resulting from this misuse.
Aqua Portimão will always allow you to access your personal data in order to modify or delete these. You may request this by contacting Aqua Portimão by traditional mail or by sending an email addressed to aqua.portimã

Right to Amendment

KLEPIERRE MANAGEMENT PORTUGAL, S.A. and Condomínio do Edifício Aqua Portimão reserve the right to, at any time and without prior notice, change this Use and Privacy Policy, and it is the responsibility of each user of the site to periodically review its contents.

Risks and Implicit Acceptance

There are risks associated with the use of information, software and products available on the internet. AA KLEPIERRE MANAGEMENT PORTUGAL, S.A. and Condomínio do Edifício Aqua Portimão warn users of this site that they should be fully aware of such risks prior to using it.
If users continue to use this website, they give their explicit acceptance of the terms and conditions described above.


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